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The work of the Joint SDG Fund would not be possible without our partners. Our partners range from UN member states, to international financial institutions, to philanthropies, to UN agencies, to local civil society organizations. Our partners provide support through direct grants to the Joint SDG Fund, co-investment in Fund's supported financial vehicles, acting as a sounding board and providing investment advice to our programmes and proposals, directly implementing programmes and more. 


The Joint SDG Fund’s donors play a critical role by providing the grant funding that the Joint SDG Fund uses to fund programmes and design stage proposals. The financial instruments would not be possible without the generous contributions of our donors, many of which are UN member states. 

Implementing Agencies

Our programmes are implemented by consortia of UN agencies. However, the UN agencies do not implement these programmes alone. They are supported by other implementing partners, which include local and national governments, civil society organisations, local banks, international financial institutions, development finance institutions, and many more.

Implementing Partners

Supporting the UN agencies in implementation, these partners form the consortia working on the ground and provide critical technical support, expertise and advice to UN teams in developing countries.


Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia and Melanesia between the Indian and Pacific oceans.


Kakamega County, Homabay County, Kisii County, Kisumu County, Mombasa County, Migori County, Bungoma County, Kenya

Technical Partners

To ensure that our programmes and proposals are of the highest quality, we have partnered with Rockefeller, Convergence Blended Finance and more. These partners have provided quality assurance support in the sourcing and evaluation of proposals that the Joint SDG Fund received. In addition, Convergence Blended Finance has provided blended finance trainings, a white paper analysis of the Joint SDG Fund’s design stage proposal development, and will publish thematic data briefs in 2022.

Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation seeks to inspire and foster large-scale human impact that promotes the well-being of humanity by identifying and accelerating breakthrough solutions, ideas and conversations.


Investors co-invest alongside the Joint SDG Fund in the financial instruments we support. Many of these investors are also implementing partners, serving as fund managers and many more. These investors provided the co-investment that the Joint SDG Fund has already leveraged. If you are interested in investing in one or more of the financial instruments supported by the Joint SDG Fund, please reach out to Massimiliano Riva, Investment Advisor to the Fund, and we will connect you to the programme team that is fundraising for the instrument(s) you are interested in.

SDG Impact Fund

UBS Optimus Foundation and Bridges are partnering to launch the first global fund to invest in Impact Bonds, leveraging on the UK track record and recent successes recorded in emerging markets.


Uruguay is a South American country known for its verdant interior and beach-lined coast. 

Impact Management

As part of our commitment to enhanced transparency and following best practices, the Joint SDG Fund has partnered with OECD and UNDP’s SDG Impact to implement Impact Management and Measurement Standards. At the portfolio level, the Joint SDG Fund has implemented OECD’s impact management standards, which can be found here. Each of our Catalytic Investment programmes are implementing the SDG Impact Standards for bonds, private equity funds and enterprises promulgated by UNDP’s SDG Impact.

Investor Advisory Groups

To support our programmes, we have called on members of the private sector, international financial institutions, development finance institutions, philanthropies, family offices, intermediaries, impact investors and more to provide sounding boards, coaching, and other support to our programmes and proposals. Based on the thematic sector, geographic location, type of instrument each proposal is developing, and the need for additional support, the Fund matches its programmes with different members of our Investor Advisory Group, who then provide feedback on proposed instruments, direct coaching, and other support to the proposal teams. In addition, we have organized webinars where Investor Advisory Group members share important aspects of their own work, and provide informative webinars on challenges in designing and implementing blended finance mechanisms that are faced across multiple proposals.


The Joint SDG Fund is always open to working with universities and students. In the past we have worked with groups of students from the University of Chicago, Harvard Business School, New York University, St. John’s University School of Law, and the London School of Economics. If you or your institution is interested in partnering with the Fund, please reach out to our Partnerships Specialist, Elaine Genser.

Special Initiatives

The Joint SDG Fund is synonymous with innovation. Because of this, we are always looking for new and innovative partnerships. Our special initiatives include a partnership with a high net worth individual to catalyze financing through an impact fund for ocean themed initiatives. However, our special initiatives are not limited to impact funds. We are interested in exploring bonds, sovereign wealth fund collaborations, and even NFTs. If you or your organization is interested in co-creating a special initiative with the Joint SDG Fund, please contact our Partnerships Specialist, Elaine Genser; and our Investment Advisor, Massimiliano Riva.