Yes, donations from public and private entities and individuals are welcome and can be made here.

No. The Joint SDG Fund is not an investment vehicle or a Fund with a portfolio of equities, debt and other instruments. You can invest in the financial products and vehicles established by the Fund’s grantees. We support the creation of products you can invest in.

As a UN entity, the Joint SDG Fund provides grants to consortia of UN agencies in countries or regions to build innovative, SDG oriented financial instruments in developing countries. While we do not invest directly in companies or projects, the financial instruments we support do. To see which Joint SDG Fund supported instruments are active in your region or focus area, visit our Portfolio and Impact Areas pages.

A lot. We need the support of visionary entrepreneurs and investors and the general public. You can mentor/coach our grantees’ teams by joining our investors advisory groups or you can be an ambassador with your peers. We also need donations, intent to invest in the instruments supported by our programmes, and capital for the instruments that are on the market to deliver on our mission and the SDGs. It is a marathon, not a sprint. We also have partnerships with academic institutions, philanthropies, and others. We are open to new and innovative partnerships as well. If you are interested in partnering with us, check out our partnership page to see our existing partnerships and who to contact to express your interest.

It varies! Expect below market rate and market rate returns. Different products and vehicles have different risk profiles and therefore different returns. Considering the variety of instruments and contexts (from investment grade to conflict and loans to equity or from 0% to 20%) - contact us. The risk-return formula is not what an average investor is used to! Our grants can sometimes make the investments viable - we de-risk them with subsidies.

Yes! There are currently four Joint SDG Fund supported financial instruments on the market. Two of these instruments are currently open for investment. To learn more about these products, please visit our Financial Instruments page. As other instruments hit the market, we will add them to this page.

This is an UN agency in a developing country. They manage our grants. They provide themselves grants to partners and act as intermediaries. Some UN agencies can de-risk financial products/vehicles directly (guarantees, first loss, etc.). Many do not.
The UN partners with multilateral and national development banks to blend grants with financial instruments. For example, a lending scheme by IADB or EBRD is matched with UN technical assistance and performance subsidies.

Different roles. From the expression of interest to a specific investment, to the management of financial vehicles proposed by grantees. Have a look at our website and speak with us. Our grantees have multiple partners from wealth management firms to banks and impact investors.

Catalytic Investments is just one of our three areas of work. We also have an SDG Financing Enabling Environment portfolio, and an integrated policy portfolio. You can learn more about these portfolios on our main website. SDG Invest is our dedicated platform for the financial instruments created by the programmes we support, predominantly through our Catalytic Investment portfolio.